"Apart from my transformations, I was happier than I had ever been in my life. For the first time ever, I had friends, three great friends. Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew, and, of course, your father, Harry  James Potter. Now, my three friends could hardly fail to notice that I disappeared once a month. I made up all sorts of stories. I told them my mother was ill, and that I had to go home to see her…I was terrified they would desert me the moment they found out what I was. But of course, they worked out the truth…And they didn’t desert me at all.”


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Just wondering if we’re a couple or not

'Course we are

Hermione and Annabeth would be good friends, don’t you think?

I figured their first encounter would have gone something like this:

Annabeth: My mother is Athena.
Hermione: Don’t be absurd! I’m magical.
Annabeth: Don’t be absurd!

Boom, instant friendship in which they can talk about their dopes of friends! :D


Let’s make new summer memories this year.


by NicholasK.com

For all your post-apocalyptic Resident Evil world, LotR travelling to Mordor, and Assassin Creed needs.


a commissioned sketch of punk! Peter Pan was one of the most interesting ones I’ve gotten! Thank wobblywibbly for commissioning such a cool idea<3

Self portrait
January, 2013

Model: Tyler
Photographer: Avenley Brianne

I figured it was about time I shared some of my school work with you guys. This was a project I did last spring, I had an independent study with a professor and I wanted to work on book cover design. I made a series of Grimm Fairy Tales out of cut paper, emphasizing the cleverness in each story. Each cover had a different color foil ironed onto it.

In Cinderella, the prince was the clever one. He slicked the floor so that her shoe would stay and allow him to find her. There is also no fairy god mother, but instead, two birds: one gold and one silver. Look for the castle, the prince, Cinderella, two birds and the royal crown.