It was late, the lights of the car had been turned off and the parking lot was full. Everyone was home from work or school and occasionally a person walked by but I didn’t pay attention to him or her. Instead, I paid attention to the toy dinosaur that sat on the dashboard of the car. The spikes down his back illuminated from the radio light. The car was on, but there was no music. Life with him was never silent; music and talking were a way of life. Lately, there had only been silence and I didn’t understand why.

“What do you define as in love?” I asked, because I was curious. I asked, because we were finally talking. I asked because I needed to know and I asked because I needed to break the silence.

“Being in love is… not saying anything and the other person knowing exactly what you need.”

“That’s friendship.”

“Can it not be both?” I fell quiet; because of course it could be both.

“Being in love is even when the other person annoys you or frustrates you, you can’t be angry because that’s who they are. Being in love is thinking about what your wedding will look like and being best friends and finding new ways to surprise them. It’s loving every part of that person, good and bad and understanding that is who they are and loving them for that. It’s being absolutely blunt when they’re being stupid or when you’re being stupid and they call you out on it, because they know that nothing will change and that you just want to make the other one grow.”

Each example he gave made me smile, because I felt every one of those towards him. I couldn’t look at him for fear of seeing his face so instead I stared at the pins that kept the screen of a near by window in place. I traced the lines of the rounded square over, and over with my eyes. I couldn’t look at him because every new example he gave made me smile, but it also tore me apart. Piece by piece I could feel the parts of me ripping and falling. They were light and extremely heavy at the same time. When they left me I became heavy, even though parts of me were falling away, the weight of me increased. I smiled and I held back tears at the same time because every reason he gave was how I felt about him.

And ever reason he gave, was how he didn’t feel about me.


Laura & Damian - An Isle of Skye Elopement | Joanna Kitchener

The Thief Lord cover and illustrations.

This was an independent study for one of my classes. It was to work on my illustration skills and environment drawing which is something I struggle with. I’m pretty happy with it over all, but of course there could always be improvements.

The first is the cover, showing Scipio and his persona: the Thief Lord

The first illustration shows when Scipio is first introduced in the books, he comes in a bit late and everyone had fallen asleep.

The second illustration is when Scipio and the group of kids are both searching Ida’s house without knowing the other is there.

The last one is when Scipio first gets on the merry go round. I tried to tug at a bit of suspense in each image.

I hope you enjoy them!


this is probably posted here already, but it is pretty much the most helpful thing ever so i’m gonna post it, too.

#TMI Tuesdays




For fun, one of Cassandra Jean’s postcards of scenes from City of Heavenly Fire. Above, the Blackthorns and Emma in Idris. (Dru is around, but not in the picture.)


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For fun, one of Cassandra Jean’s postcards of scenes from City of Heavenly Fire. Above, Raphael, Magnus and Luke.

You can see the last postcard here.


#TMITuesday Jace and Jem. Another in Cassandra Jean’s set of postcards of scenes from City of Heavenly Fire. 
It’s #TMI Tuesday and I’m also sharing a sneak peek at all-new Cliff Nielsen character art that will appear on the inside of the first edition of City of Heavenly Fire jacket. Find out how you can get exclusive access to it here: www.shadowhunters.com/TMITuesday 
(Basically, go to the link, and share the content — through Twitter, Tumblr, or email — and it’ll unlock buttons along the right side of the page. Click on the one that says “ART REVEAL” and it’ll show you a piece of the art from the inside jacket, as well as providing new quotes from CoHF and shareable art.)


Counting down to this, our last TMI Tuesday before City of Heavenly Fire comes out!
This #TMITuesday hold onto your headphones because we are sharing an exclusive audiobook excerpt from #COHF.
AND… it gets even better! The clip features one of #COHF’s two incredibly talented audiobook narrators – SOPHIE TURNER. You probably know her best as Sansa Stark from HBO’s @GameOfThronesbut after listening to this you may just want her to read all your books to you!
Check it out now at 
And above, as we wind down to the end of Cassandra Jean’s postcards for City of Heavenly Fire…Jace burns with heavenly fire. Luke reaches out to his sister, Amatis, dressed in red gear. And Alec holds his own sister.
See you on the other side, Shadowhunters…


So I was unable to post on the actual release day, but have a lil’ Jace to celebrate CoHF! 

There are two special editions out there that I had the pleasure to contribute to. The special Target edition contains an exclusive comic! The comic is of a scene that isn’t in the regular edition. There is also the special UK/AUS edition that has a different comic from the Target edition. I personally think the UK comic is particularly emotional and sob-worthy so if you have the means to get that version, check it out. 

To those who have read it already… Wasn’t it amazing?! (spoilery: Did you read that part? In the last chapter? The part that made me SMIRK TRIUMPHANTLY?)